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Girls Charter July 19-21 (2 Day, 2 Night)


Girls Getaway on the West Coast of Florida. Arrive to the boat in Treasure Island, Florida on Friday 7/19 @ 3pm and return to port on Sunday 7/21 @ 5pm.

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Ahoy, mermaids! Enjoy the luxurious embrace of July’s sunshine by setting sail on our exclusive ladies-only charter. Discover Florida’s magnificent shoreline, where excitement awaits around every corner. As you ride by immaculate beaches and quiet coves, you can feel the wind in your hair and the salt on your skin. Laughter reverberating across the deck and the companionship of other women seamen make July the ideal month for lazy days spent in the sun, thrilling swims, and treasured memories. Come frolic in the sea with us as you board our opulent ship. Arrive at 3pm on Friday July 19th and return to port at the end of the day on Sunday July 21th.