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Girls Charter July 3-6 (3 Day, 3 Night)


Girls Getaway on the West Coast of Florida. Arrive to the boat in Treasure Island, Florida on Wednesday 7/03 @ 3pm and return to port on Saturday 7/06 @ 5pm.

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Ahoy, mermaids! With its unlimited weather and limitless opportunities, July beckons on our private ladies-only charter. Feel the rush of freedom beneath billowing sails as you set out on an expedition along Florida’s stunning coastline. Dive into glistening clean waters, explore undiscovered gems off uninhabited coastlines, and revel in sisterhood amid the ocean’s beauty. Come on a journey with us in July that will captivate your soul and make you want more. Arrive at 3pm on Wednesday July 3rd and return to port at the end of the day on Saturday July 6th.