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Girls Charter September 25-29 (4 Day, 4 Night)


Girls Getaway on the West Coast of Florida. Arrive to the boat in Treasure Island, Florida on Wednesday 9/25 @ 3pm and return to port on Sunday 9/29 @ 5pm.

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Ahoy, mermaids! September invites you to join our special ladies-only charter for an amazing voyage around Florida’s coast as the summer sun starts to set. As you set sail on glistening waterways amid the magnificence of nature’s shifting hues, feel the whisper of fall in the air. Savor the company of fellow female sailors while exploring hidden harbors and snorkeling in colorful coral reefs. Embrace the spirit of adventure. September promises an amazing time out on the broad sea, spinning tales of camaraderie and exploration with every passing breeze. Arrive at 3pm on Friday September 25th and return to port at the end of the day on Sunday September 29th.